The Origin

HiFi Base audiophil

The development of the BASE is geared to examples of nature which are combined with scientific knowledge from theory of dynamics, acoustics and materials engineering to an experience beyond words. It should be mentioned: Engage with a tryout of listening and decide by yourself. We are convinced you will be stoked. In order to be stoked numerous boundary conditions had to be considered. Within all experiments the design always took an essential part:

But without having clarified the questions what is in the position to have such a positive influence on the properties of sound of hi-fi devices which make us be astonished like small children? How can we achieve that the whole acoustic pattern is freed? How can we achieve that each single instrument is reproduced in a better way? How we can achieve that the vocals are presented with a distinctness that the individual timbre of the voice touches us? How can we achieve that with each song our hearts are torn out of our chests and that our souls undertake an emotional journey that never ends?

The targeted level was at the height of the Mount Everest and this is where we started. Our journey through the possible materials began. First experiments confirmed the scientific but for hi-fi only theoretical possible results. So we started to experimentalize with the knowledge resulting from the field of structural dynamics, in particular from the filed of earthquake dynamics. By influence of earthquake excitation on an object two phenomena occur: Vibrations are transferred to an object, but the object itself also re-transfers the vibrations.

With uncountable experiments to expose the materials with the necessary properties to tryouts of listening and to document the results slight doubts occurred if the targeted level could be just too high. Good luck, contingency, just being at the right place at the right location, uncountable reports are available why we now have special knowledge – if merely good luck or contingency or just the bareness of technical consideration – the targeted composition of materials was found. The basic principle of construction was developed. The mammoth task seemed to be accomplished. Back in the think tank and puzzle over the final design without worsening the results of sound. Again prototyping, listening and prototyping, listening. It was astonishing how minimal changes in design still had an influence on the sound. As only the Mount Everest was good enough it is only the current design of the base which is presented to the public. Although being complex in producing no compromises would have been an alternative.

The numerous ups and downs, the numerous doubts and hopes, the numerous emotions were worth it to go the long way to make the emotions accessible to all the seekers.

With the following we would like to describe an example of a blind study:

The test person was trying the BASE underneath a CD player. After removal of the BASE in order to listen to the same CD again without the BASE and after starting of the vocals the test person’s wife came from the neighbor room and confronted us with the question: “What did you do with my favorite singer? That sounds awful in comparison to before…!”

It seemed as if we were successful to reduce the everlasting earthquake from the installation location to the HiFi device to a minimum. In addition, we were successful to calm the earthquake resulting from the electrical components inside the HiFi device. 

The calm-down of the HiFi device has a direct impact on the calm-down of the sound pattern over the whole frequency range. It is almost as if the HiFi device had experienced a metamorphosis. 

HiFi Base Assembly


What emerged is a base that is not at all what you know, and you can hear that!

The BASE is available in the following dimensions: 

455 x 400 x 60 mm


500 x 410 x 60 mm 

All bases are adjustable in height for perfect levelling.