Philosophy of Sound

The origin – originated in the living-room of hi-fi nerds, developed for maximum emotion of listening. Engage with a tryout of listening.

The ambition – to create experiences of sound which make us listen devoutly to the music. Which make us be astonished like small children. Which make each single instrument appear with a distinctness and liberty never experienced before. Which make the timbre of the vocals touch our souls. To create experiences of sound that want to tear our hearts out of our chests and make our souls undertake an emotional journey that never ends.

The focus of sound – the unleashing of the mid-range frequencies, which bear the melody line and the voice. The detailed definition and taming of the lower frequencies. The de-shrilling of the upper frequency range.

The principle – not to install an additional mass that resonates following the principle of inertia of masses in movement resulting in a tonal shift. In fact, the base is astonishingly light in weight and construction.

The design – just as the experience of sound is the design – straightforward, uncompromising and convincing, with the ability to integrate harmoniously into various surroundings. The natural material of wood with a surface treatment made of vegetable oils ensures a healthy, environmentally friendly and elegant finish.

Our motivation was to create a visually pleasant and first and foremost extraordinary object for reproduction of sound. 

Listen and see and tell us your experience.

HiFi Base Linn natur

This is what our customers say:

"Improves everything – worsens nothing.”
"Reveals lost frequencies.”
"I have never heard such a distinctness.”
"I have never thought that my hi-fi possesses such a potentiality...”