Sound Optimization

Sound optimization with the HiFi Base was successfully accomplished on the devices listed below.

With our two standard sizes most HiFi devices are covered. In case your device is deviating in both breadth and width we offer customization. The best sound optimization is achieved if the base is 1 cm or maximal 2 cm bigger than the device on minimum 3 sides. The ultimate effect is achieved if the base is circumferential 1 cm bigger than the device.

In case you would like to try the effect of the base on a not matching HiFi device in terms of size please put the device in one corner with an edge distance of 1 cm. With this arrangement approximately 80% of the sound optimization can be experienced.

The process of sound optimization is time depending. A first effect arises immediately. A further significant one after approximately 30 minutes. The final result can be experienced after 24 hours at the latest.

Rega record player

Linn LP12

Aragon power supply, pre-amplifier, phono amplifier

Linn Akurate

Thel Audio

analog-digital converter

external power supply CD- / record player

Marantz streamer

Sonos loudspeaker

grid filter

Yamaha multi channel amplifier

Mastersound amplifier

T+A amplifier A1500

Volare turn-table

Sony CD player

Jadis CD player

Aragon amplifier / pre-amplifier / phone amplifier

power supply Teratak

Network switch Netgear

Streaming PC

Cassette deck Pioneer

Network player Auralic Altair

connector strip

Convergent Audio Technologie pre-amplifier

Linn Klimax

Naim Muso

Lyngdorf Prozessor pre-amplifier