Immerse yourself in a new world of listening!

Experience new worlds of audio and be surprised what is additionally available in your favorite lovely music. For more information go to philosophy of sound.

In plain design, hand-crafted, the HiFi Base provides admission to a new dimension of sound. For more information go to origin.

Try the base at one of our dealers or at home with your audiophile devices. We are curious about your feedback.


Grant your audiophile pleasure of listening a new dimension. Experience the notes more distinct, more precise and more expressive and explore reappearance of lost frequencies.

Be surprised at how light the Base is. At a first glance looking like a mere piece of wood it turns out to be much more.

All materials necessary for construction of the base were puzzled out in long test series. By this a hearable win of sound was achieved. Special wood and special combinations lead to the ingredients of the appearance. In other words, the result was a successful improvement of sound.

Inside different materials are working hard in order to damp any vibration of the device (e.g. by power supplies, turning elements etc.). In addition, no vibrations from the environment are spread to the device. The overall construction ensures that no material touches another one twice. Finally the surface is treated with special organic oils.

The base can be applied underneath all devices. Independently of what is part of the chain of reproduction of music. Moreover, the base improves sound fully independently of the HiFi-device’s price range

Furthermore, the effect is independent of the type of device, its weight and its installation location. Put your streamer, record player, CD player, amplifier and cassette deck as well as your music server, power supply and connector stripe on the base and be surprised.

The HiFi BASE – engineered, designed and hand-crafted in GERMANY.


The HiFi BASE is available in the following dimensions:

455 x 400 x 60 mm or 500 x 410 x 60 mm (adjustable in height)

The HiFiBASE is available in the colors white, nature and black.

Basically, differing colorings are feasible.

Please contact us for special colorings.

CCComponents presents: The BASE - new audio dimensions for your music!



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