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HiFi Network Cable „ATHENE“ Series (LAN) (Test Sample)


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HiFi Network cable “ATHENE” series (Test sample) by LEHR | AUDIO SOLUTIONS in color “Carbon” in combination with “Walnut”.

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HiFi Network cable (LAN) “ATHENE” series (Test sample) by LEHR | AUDIO SOLUTIONS in color “Carbon” in combination with “Walnut”.

2 week trial product

Test the cable within your four walls!

It’s so easy: Experience the full potential of the HiFi Network cable (LAN) “ATHENE” series (Test sample) with your own HiFi system.
Just send it back and we will reimburse you once we receive the cable!

The “ATHENE Cable Line” series

We called our entry-level cables “ATHENE Cable Line” because we remembered Greek mythology. There there was Zeus as the “superfather” of the above all stand. That’s why we called our best cable line ZEUS.

This is where we are dealing with Athena. She was a daughter of Zeus, so to speak an “offshoot” and therefore possesses the same genes as her father. Our ATHENE Cable Line have the same genes as our ZEUS cables!

The technical structure

The network cables (LAN) of the ATHENE Cable Line consist of a high-quality CAT. 7A / 1600MHz cable with a cross-section of AWG 22 per full copper wire. They are shielded according to regulations in order to completely eliminate external influences! For better connection we use high-quality plugs made of whole metal from Telegärtner. With the best that is available on the market!

Highend cables that achieve maximum musicality almost without negative sound effects is the result.

This is the one secret of the divine sound of the HiFi Network cable (LAN) of “ATHENE” series by LEHR | AUDIO SOLUTIONS!

We are happy to manufacture special lengths on request.

Special colors can also be implemented without any problems.

Choose the outer shell of your cable from 32 colors and patterns. Choose from 5 types of wood for the box.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Additional information

Cable Type

Network Cable (LAN)


Telegärtner – Solid Metal

Outer Shell

AH-07 Carbon

wooden box

H-05 Walnut